Day 2: I Wanna Get to Know Ya

On Tuesday, 59,581,585 voted for Donald Trump. And I thought I didn’t know 10 of them. I was wrong. Turns out I do know more than 10 people who voted for Trump. I’m shocked actually.

You see, I bought into that whole idea that all of the people who voted for him were racist, crazies who I had nothing in common with. But there’s no way there’s nearly 60 million racist crazies walking around this beautiful country. No way.

This reminds me of the Bill O’Reilly rant on election night in 2012 when President Obama was re-elected, the Fox News commentator said the election was won by people who want stuff. He said, “They want things. And who is going to give them things? President Obama. He knows it, and he ran on it.” The news media was painting all the people who voted for Obama as people who wanted government handouts. We all know that’s not true. But nobody ever tried to talk to us to find out why we voted for him… twice.

Over the last two days I’ve seen celebratory posts on Facebook from people I know well, people I grew up with, and people I am related to. They’re good people.

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