Day 25: I Used Facebook Ads to Get People Who Like Trump to Like and Share an Article They Probably Did Not Read (A Day 24 Update)

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-7-00-05-pmI ran this ad yesterday. I targeted the ad at people who “like” Donald Trump. It links to my Day 24 post. The full headline of Day 24 was “Trump is saving our jobs… Is the headline I chose to get Trump supporters to share this post on Facebook.”

And just in case you were wondering… It worked!

Thank you to Ronnie Sr Degregorio and Daniel Baker, two Trump supporters who shared my post.
I’m not sure how their friends reacted to Ronnie and Daniel sharing a post that included this quote from the Wall Street Journal:

“…his Carrier shakedown is a short-term political victory that will hurt workers and the economy if it becomes the norm for the next four years.”

But my guess is that their friends didn’t read my post either.

Because nobody reads anything anymore.


Trump supporters Robert Harris, Sherry McDonald, Andy Bagrowski, Kyran Clune, Janet Roeder Lammers, Frances Barrett Sciple, Gerald Gilligan, and Sal Giardina were among the 29 likes my post received.

So my experiment worked. And I’m going to probably do it again. Maybe I might even spend more than $10 next time.

But you see, it’s not just a Trump supporter thing. Robert McGuinness, who likes Bernie Sanders, several anti-Trump pages and… Alyssa Milano, posted the following comment: “you wanna believe that BS. good luck!”

Good luck to us all Robert!

The lesson for today is: Nobody reads anymore. Except for you guys. And I love you guys so much for reading. Keep on doing it, while there’s still a chance for humanity.

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Tim Hammill is a Democrat born and raised in the biggest, bluest city in Connecticut. He’s challenged himself to write every day until January 20, 2021. He’s written some stuff for some places, he’s worked in communications, government and politics. He designs t-shirts and makes popsicles in his free time. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram and right here on Medium.


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