Day 33: It’s not about right or left. It’s about forward.

Friday was a rough day. It was the fifth anniversary of my father’s passing. As you do, or I mean as I do, when I’m down and need a lift I eat one of my favorite sandwiches and listen to podcasts. That’s normal right? If I said, I followed that up with some binge watching of Fuller House Season 2, you’d second guess being my friend, and you should but don’t worry I definitely did NOT do that. So we’re still friends, right?

My sandwich of choice was a Cuban. I like sandwiches with official names. Reuben. Monte Cristo. French Dip. And my favorite… the Cuban. A big reason for that is Jon Favreau’s movie Chef.

My podcast of choice on Friday is co-hosted by Jon Favreau, not that Jon Favreau. The former speechwriter for President Obama and current co-host of Keepin’ It 1600 welcomed Jason Kander to the podcast’s most recent episode. Kander is Missouri’s Secretary of State and a former candidate for Senate who lost by just 3.2 points in a surprisingly competitive race last month.

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