Day 57: Sports, Radio, and Old White Guys

As you may already know, I listen to podcasts. Lots of podcasts. I’m a real podcast dork.

But if there isn’t a new episode available for the 17 shows I subscribe to, I can’t sit behind the wheel looking for a new show. I have to pay attention to the road. Last time that happened…I ended up listening to a poorly produced “Are You The One?” podcast and was within centimeters of hitting a row of parked cars outside a Qdoba.

So instead, I listen to sports talk radio. It is much easier. I keep it on 98.7 WEPN-FM all day, whether I like the show that’s on or not. It’s just easy to not have to think about things when you’re driving. Give me a segment sponsored by a no contract mobile carrier about a quarterback controversy for a team I don’t care about. Or let me hear a retired small forward getting paid by a secondary market ticket app tell me that today’s players are soft.

See, easy. Mindless.

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